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Bill4Time is available in three pricing packages—Time & Billing ($27 per user/month), Legal Pro ($45 per user/month), and Legal Enterprise $80 per user/month)—to meet the needs of different users. Clio boasts of being the only legal software that seamlessly integrates with Fastcase, which puts an extensive national law library at your fingertips. Fastcase includes cases and primary law for all 50 US states and comprehensive federal coverage. Clio revolutionizes law research by allowing you to search, sort, and visualize cases and data instantly on Fastcase.

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Trust accounting is more specific to the legal industry; therefore, generic accounting options don’t usually offer these features. The decision of choosing your legal software is essential for your firm’s success.

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Some legal accounting solutions also handle trust accounting functionality including dispersing funds, maintaining accurate records, and printing checks. The software will also make it easy to run bank reconciliations regularly and manage client investments.

From a single dashboard, you get an overall view of the cases you’re handling as well as important details like meetings, documents, emails, calls, tasks, and expenses, among others. You can capture and view the time spent on work-related activities, and activities that are ongoing or have been accomplished. Furthermore, it allows your law firm to handle different billing schemes and generate detailed invoices that carry branding elements. Alt Legal comes with a smart docketing feature that enables you to file on time for your clients their trademark, patent, and copyright applications. The software can manage global IP deadlines as well as streamline client intake. Your clients can easily see relevant information with one-click links to the IP offices and application documents. Both you and your clients get to use a single secure online portal that has all the features for information sharing.

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It allows two-way communication between attorney and client as well as records and tracks the communication. Bill4Time supports billing on an hourly basis, contingency or flat rate bases, and complies with the standards of the Legal Electronic Data Exchange , making it a widely used system among legal professionals. The software works with various payment channels and gateways, including QuickBooks, PayPal, and other credit card processors. The system also provides online storage capability, enabling you to store documents on the cloud and sync them to specific cases.

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You can even time your research session in Fastcase and have the activity recorded in Clio. The platform has built a reputation for being the time tracking solution for lawyers, but it’s also used by a variety of other industries, particularly services. This includes those in advertising, health, and engineering. This speaks volumes for its flexibility and versatility, providing communications and accounting support for these highly disparate fields. As such, there’s no wonder TimeSolv has recently been added to the BBB’s database as an accredited business.

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