8 Reasons online dating services Are a Business Dead End

8 Reasons online dating services Are a Business Dead End

Aspiring business owners usually approach me personally as an angel investor, touting their revolutionary concept for yet another online dating website. We agree the requirement is offered, with more than 91 million singles that are interested the chronilogical age of 19 and 45 throughout the world. Yet very little one out of ecommerce makes anything, I see since it comes with a larger list of challenges than most other opportunities.

Hence, I encourage one to examine these challenges as truth checks on your own company concept — dating or else — before spending all your valuable some time some body else’s money in vain.

1. The marketplace has already been oversaturated with competitors.

According to data, there are many than 5,000 internet dating sites worldwide with 1,000 brand brand new people showing up each year. I suggest you look for another opportunity where the number of competitors you can find is less than 10 if you check your market on Google and find numbers like these.

2. This company is suffering from the ‘Facebook model’ startup problem.

Many online business offerings, like that one, need thousands or millions of current users before brand new users and advertisers have an interest to pay for real money. Therefore, the investment in money and time needed before payback is huge. Facebook spent $150 million before good cashflow. Continuar leyendo «8 Reasons online dating services Are a Business Dead End»