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Night time images aren’t noticeably clearer than older models, it has to be said, but the 512GW is still a front-runner in this department. The 512GW uses touch-sensitive buttons that are slightly less easy to locate without looking at the unit, but they respond well, and the menu system, while not especially pretty, is simple to navigate. Even the smartphone app is simple to use and responds quickly.

Smart and the quality is definitely evident, so it deserves the full five stars, but it is pricey and the SD card costs extra. For buyers, this means you should be able to upgrade your dash cam by simply sliding off the old model and sliding on the new one.

And speaking from experience, having a rear-facing camera should not be sniffed at. Definitely one to consider if you need a dual camera dash cam and know your way around electronics. Audio is clear, however, and is picked up from on both cameras . Considering how complicated this could be, given the complexity of the device, Mio have made it as easy as possible. The power cable is short – only around 1.3m – which is enough to get from the 12V socket to the screen, but not hard-install and hide it away behind trim. To be honest, you’ll be removing the device from your windscreen and hiding away from view after use, so it may be preferable for many. Although you could find a longer power cable, as it connects via mini USB, the factory cable includes an aerial for global positioning, so you’d lose signal.

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It records in 1080p at 30 frames per second, which isn’t the highest resolution on the market today. However, the footage is clear, if a little grainy, and numberplates/road signs are as clear as most rivals’ efforts. Night footage is also decent, as is audio, and the 140-degree viewing angle is fairly standard today and offers a good view of the periphery.

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In addition, there’s a very obvious emergency record button above the screen and a power on/off button in the top right-hand corner. Audio is slightly muffled but quite loud, and is picked up on both cameras . We do prefer dash cams with screens, as apps are fiddly, but appreciate the compact size and shape on the F800. It’s a shame there’s not an obvious emergency record button, though, in case you spot an incident up the road that needs to be preserved for a third party. A supplied AV cable links the two devices, as with the Dod, which should then be concealed behind the roof lining. And as with the Dod, you’ll need 20 minutes to half an hour for this. Installation is tricky, the app is fiddly and the image quality is decent rather than exceptional, but it’s a slick-looking product that has been carefully designed, with some important features.

The forward facing camera records in 1080p with High Definition, and its Sony image sensor is claimed to provide outstanding video quality in low-light conditions. Drivers can choose to activate audible alerts for safety cameras, a lane departure warning and a front collision warning , which sounds a chime accompanied by spoken alerts.

The power cable plugs in to the top of the device and can be run along the inside of the car’s interior trim, down the A-pillar and under the carpet to the 12V socket. It’s only marginally more fiddly than a standard dash cam. Halfords, which has exclusive rights to sell the Nextbase Mirrow until September 2017, offers to hardwire it into your car for £30, meaning this could be the least conspicuous dash cam we’ve tested. After some fettling, though, we did manage to get a decent view of the road ahead, albeit with the far top-right corner of the frame obscured . Importantly, there was a clear view of the road in the lower right corner. Video quality is only very marginally better than less expensive Nextbase products so you’ll have to think carefully about whether you want to splash the extra cash, but it’s still market-leading. We really like the touchscreen menu, Click & Go mount and range of functions, as well as the brushed aluminium design.

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There’s no GPS, so you’ll not be able to record speed or position, but the G-sensor will detect crashes and lock the related footage as an “Event”, which is minimum requirement for an effective dashcam. A major plus over the 820 is a simpler menu system — the four buttons below the screen access a nice, clear menu with large icons.

To power the F770, you need to be in the car, so setting it up with a smartphone and while looking at the instruction manual can be a head-scratching affair. Nextbase video quality remains the gold standard for dash cams and you’ll struggle to find better on the more expensive models, while its products remain as easy to use as ever. The 512GW is loaded with features and insider suggestions that it may be possible to connect a rear-facing camera at a later date are intriguing.

Changing light conditions, such as shadows from trees, would cause lens flare. It also struggled with reflections of the dashboard against inside of the windscreen. The camera records at 30 frames per second, but often it was difficult to read number plates of other vehicles.